Serverless WebRTC using QR codes

For those not familiar, WebRTC is a technology for peer-to-peer communication between browsers. But despite being peer to peer, WebRTC still requires setting up servers for exchanging session descriptions before the browsers can talk to each other (this is called “signaling”).

If you don’t want to manage your own servers, you can use some external service for signaling (and a public STUN server). But let’s say just for fun we don’t want to use any external services either. Then one interesting approach by Chris Ball is to manually exchange the session description by pasting them into IM or email.

I thought it would be cool to extend his demo by transmitting the data using QR codes instead. Then you will be able to establish a WebRTC connection between a phone and a desktop (or two phones with each other) by just pointing their cameras at each other.

After gluing some QR code libraries together, this was the result:

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